Hi, I'm Thomas.

I work with purpose-driven startups to hone their brand identity and messaging so they’re positioned for maximum impact.

Ready to Make Your Dent?

In today’s marketplace, brands that are solely driven by profit are getting outcompeted by brands that are driven by a greater mission. More and more, consumers and top professionals keep gravitating towards businesses that are making a meaningful impact. 


Here lies the problem: Most startup founders don’t have the expertise or insights to articulate their brand’s ethos in a compelling way, severely limiting their startup’s influence and potential.


That’s where I step in. As a seasoned brand strategist who has worked with hundreds of startups, I’ll work with yours to craft a strong brand identity and narrative that will motivate stakeholders, customers, and employees to rally behind the brand.

List of Services

Research & Strategy

Market Research
Buyer Personas
Brand Strategy
Marketing Plan
Social Media Strategy

Culture Development

Purpose Statement
Mission & Vision
Core Values
Brand Pillars
Brand Manifesto


Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Brand Archetype
Brand Narrative
Brand Messaging

Additional Services

Fractional CMO
Logo Design
Web Development
Sales Funnel Creation
Paid Ads Management

How startups benefit:

Holistic Approach

Not only do I help craft your startup's brand identity, I also strategically position your startup in a way that amplifies its mission, story, and unique offering across all communication channels.

Tailored Strategy

Each purpose-driven startup is unique. I offer tailored brand strategies that align with your startup's industry, target market, and organizational objectives, ensuring optimal results.

Expertise & Foresight

While strategy is critical, adapting to the fast-paced nature of startups is equally essential. I bring to the table a balance of strategic insight and startup agility, ensuring your brand remains both grounded and ready to pivot.

Community-First Mindset

Purpose-driven startups thrive when they cultivate strong communities. I'll help you foster deep connections with your target audience, turning them into brand advocates and champions for your cause.

Experience the Power of the
Storybrand Framework

Developed by Donald Miller, this framework has helped thousands of businesses get clear on their brand and offer. As a Storybrand expert, I’ll help you streamline your sales and marketing message and develop a framework to communicate your brand via website, social media, press publications, and speaking engagements.

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Take Your Brand from Zero to One

Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation and audit of your brand and marketing materials. After the audit, I’ll send you a detailed action plan on how you can maximize your brand’s impact. My goal is for you to walk away with clarity and a newfound direction in your startup’s marketing journey.

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